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Berlin, 2nd EDEN Forum, March 15-16, 2018



EADV Fostering Course Clinical Research & Epidemiology

24-28 June 2019

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2019 Flyer Clinical Research and Epidemiology course

Course program

Information on EADV courses


  • to promote high quality research into epidemiology and to conduct clinical research
  • to improve the role of epidemiology in dermatology
  • to share expertise
  • to contact isolated groups and encouraging them to join in
  • to disseminate information by publishing events, collaborative studies, and workers interested in the field
  • to teach, share and train by means of a main triennial meeting and an annual workshop
  • to form project groups which initiate collaborative studies on a multinational basis

Dermato-epidemiology includes the investigation of causes, prevention, health services research and evaluation of interventions of skin diseases in human populations.

EDEN consists of a Steering Committee operating under an Executive Committee. The Steering Committee consists of some participants and leaders of Project Groups.

Interested colleagues are welcome to join a Project Group.


Please, note that EDEN is not a society with a (paid) membership. It is a group of enthusiasts with a specific interest in the epidemiology of skin diseases, including clinical epidemiology, intervention studies & trials, prevention, and health services research. EDEN is currently having talks with the ESDR about having formal links.

Interested colleagues, who have ongoing projects or are considering initiating such studies, can contact any steering group member (see the page Steering group).